Wed, Aug 3rd, Rodd Charlottetown, Charlottetown, PE


In association with North East PHP BSidesPEI is pleased to announce the first BSides conference to occur in PEI

Located in downtown Charlottetown, we hope that BSidesPEI will be a friendly opportunity for the security community in Atlantic Canada to come together to learn, share, improve and grow the community.


This year we are very happy to have the historic Rodd's Charlottetown Hotel as our accommodations provider and conference venue - offering special conference discounted rates. Details of how to book accomodation can be found over at the North East PHP site

Rodd Charlottetown, 75 Kent Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4


  • Anna Manley

    10h30 Disruptive Developers: Federal Court Crackdown on Set-top Boxes

    Anna Manley @nnamanley

    Anna is a lawyer based in Sydney, Nova Scotia, practicing in the areas of intellectual property, tech/internet and privacy law, corporate law, and civil litigation. She advises individuals, start-ups, established companies, and organizations.

  • Travis Barlow

    11h30 Successes and Failures in building a Modern Hunt Team

    Travis Barlow @Travis_R_Barlow

    Travis Barlow has over 19 years of expereience in the IT industry, having started his career working on a internet support helpline. From these humble beginnings he has become a IT Security Leader known for his no BS approach to solving complex security problems.

  • Brandon Banks

    13h30 My Perspective: Authentication & Authorization using JWT

    Brandon Banks @brandonjbanks

    Brandon Banks is a recent graduate from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. For the past seven months Brandon has been one of the aspiring entrepreneurs behind TimeShifts, a web application designed to save restaurant managers time and money in their workplace scheduling. During his work on TimeShifts he has been in charge of security and testing of the platform.

  • Katie Horne

    14h00 The Cyber Gingerbread House: The Next Generation of Deceptive Techniques

    Katie Horne @waysidekt

    A relative newcomer to the InfoSec industry, Ms. Horne has quickly risen within the GoSecure Active Response Centre to Shift Lead. In this role, she leads a hunt team that targets advanced adversary activity within GoSecure's client base. Furthermore, she has been tasked with developing the deceptive technology component of the Advanced Adversary stack, which she believes to be fundamental in the current Infosec arms race.

  • Julien Savoie

    16h00 How to run a dark market (without getting caught)

    Julien Savoie @jzsavoie

    A multiple time Atlseccon and HASK speaker, Julien brings more than 15 years of IT experience and has worked in a variety of sectors including government, academia and private. With a background in software development, cryptography and networking, Julien has made code contributions to several OSS projects and maintains a number of Tor relays. His hobbies include photography, modifying cars and putting kittens on the “darkweb”.


Time Slot Description
9h30 Check-in -
10h00 Welcoming remarks -
10h30 Anna Manley Disruptive Developers: Federal Court Crackdown on Set-top Boxes Sampson McPhee Set-top boxes make it easier to consumers to access material protected by copyright. On June 1, 2016, the Federal Court of Canada granted an injunction (requested by Bell and Rogers) to prohibit the sale of set-top boxes with pre-loaded software because these boxes cause irreparable harm to the companies’ bottom lines. Let’s talk about the impact of this decision on developers and users.
11h30 Travis Barlow Successes and Failures in building a Modern Hunt Team Go Secure During his presentation Mr.Barlow will discuss the requirements of building a world class hunt team, what has worked and what has failed, and discuss the future of hunting unknown threats. Additonal topics covered will be the pro/cons of machine learning assisted threat detection, the benefits/risks of affordable quantum computing, and of course the current InfoSec industry.
12h30 Lunch -
13h30 Brandon Banks My Perspective: Authentication & Authorization using JWT Timeshifts There is an ever-growing need for security in our software applications; our users are providing more and more private and personal information. It is imperative that this information be secure, and it is up to us as software developers to make sure of this. As a junior developer it is easy to push security off until a later date; this will often lead to complications and is quite possible that you will end up changing the architecture down the road. The purpose of my talk is to give a brief introduction, and my own personal experience with authentication and authorization through the use of JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
14h00 Katie Horne The Cyber Gingerbread House: The Next Generation of Deceptive Techniques Go Secure During her presentation, Ms. Horne will describe her views on deception-based offensive technology, which she believes to be the future of Advanced Adversary Detection and Defense. Included will be the evolution of deceptive technologies over the past ten years and new key techniques which Ms. Horne has implemented.
15h00 Coffee-break -
15h30 Lightning Talk #2 - TBD -
16h00 Julien Savoie How to run a dark market (without getting caught) Marketplaces on the “darkweb” have captured the imagination of journalists; with promises of illicit goods of every variety and total anonymity. However, with news of recent busts of (in)famous dark market websites, it's become obvious that running a dark market website, without getting caught, requires thorough planning. Explored will be a number of the technical and logistical challenges one would need to address in setting up their own marketplace. We will provide solutions to many. We will also discuss the economics at play and what’s actually available in such marketplaces as a result.
17h00 - 19h00 BSidesPEI Social @ The Old Triangle Pourhouse -


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